Apply for the Occuprise Network Mastermind

Our Membership Policies

When you become a member of the Occuprise Network, you’ll receive a copy of these policies and guidelines in PDF format.

As a member of the Occuprise Network I commit to the success of every other member of my mastermind group in addition to my own. To that end I will:

  • Commit to showing up consistently and making the meetings a priority in my schedule for as long as I am a member.
  • Commit to praying with my fellow group members and for them between meetings.
  • Agree to bring all my education and resources for the benefit of the group.
  • Agree to bring my creativity and imagination to the group.
  • Commit to bring my experience and expertise to the group.
  • Agree to bring my influence and impact to the group.
  • Agree to unite with fellow believers to advance the kingdom of heaven into our culture

Why Pay To Join A Mastermind?

I can join a small group at my church for free.

I’m so glad you asked, and I’m happy to present the case for a paid mastermind. 

There are myriad reasons why people join paid mastermind groups.

Just as with business coaching and training programs, the more skin you have in the game the farther and faster you’ll go in your business. You’ll advance when you both give and receive value.

Casting your bread on the waters doesn’t only work with money. The more investment you make, the more effort you’ll put into it, and the more leverage you’ll create in your business and personal growth.

You’ll spend less time learning through trial and error. You’ll accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. You’ll gain power and impact by contributing to others’ successes.

Membership in the Occuprise Network means your small group experience is focused on the difficult and controversial topics that aren’t discussed in church-sponsored small groups. 

Our meeting structure is simple and has 3 parts: sharing, advising, and accountability. We begin with members sharing their highs and lows from the past month (20 minutes). We then place one or two members or topics onto the stage which allows for tapping into the experiences, expertise, and resources of the group (60 minutes) to advise and problem-solve. We wrap by sharing one high-impact activity we want to be held accountable for, and end with prayer (10 minutes).


Typical Meeting Format

Meeting Location: online or in person

Group maximum: 12 + facilitator

Group Minimum: 2 + facilitator

Meeting duration: 90 minutes 

Meeting Frequency: monthly 

Typical Agenda

10 minutes of wins, updates

60 minutes hot-seat or topical discussion

20 minutes objectives

Close with prayer and declarations

Complete the Mastermind Application

To apply for an upcoming mastermind, please complete and submit the application. We’ll personally review your application, and, if approved, you’ll receive a link with payment and scheduling details. If we have questions about your application, we’ll email you.

Once approved, you’ll receive instructions, a schedule of meetings, and a membership agreement to sign. If you decide to commit, you may pay with credit card or your wallet.

Once paid, your seat is reserved. You have up to 48 hours prior to the start of your first scheduled meeting to request a refund. It’s important that you’re sure you’re willing and able to make the commitment.

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