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"Where two or more are gathered in my name…"

Conversation provides insights. Prayer engages heaven. Action gets it done.

Religion as sets of rules and principles exists throughout culture. We identify and respond to truth claims and world views to win the debate without apology.

Culture is the shared beliefs, practices, and goals of a company or social group. Culture is built on words and images. We craft messaging for our platforms and channels.

Policy stems from culture. Governments can neither save us nor fix humanity’s problems. How do we participate in and respond to political discourse and systems?


Thanks for your interest in the Occuprise Network Mastermind group. The next cohort will be forming soon.

The Mastermind is a peer accountability group and not coaching or training.

The Mastermind meeting format is a monthly roundtable conversation where every member is encouraged, prayed for, and committed to the success of every other member. Because we’re concerned with relational evangelism through our businesses we have a messaging and branding focus.

In order to be considered for the group we require an application process to ensure that everyone in the group is a good fit.

To get notified of the next application availability, please add yourself to our mailing list.

Please keep in mind:

  • We’re looking for independent entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are serious about developing strategy for marketplace evangelism through their ordinary business activities. We’re looking to assemble a group based on trajectory, mindset and impact.
  • The group will be small, limited to 12 members plus the facilitator. Not everyone will be a good fit. That’s not personal; there’s only so much room at the table.
  • The group mastermind runs in annual cycles, and when you’re accepted you’ll be  expected to complete your full 12-month or 24-month commitment.
  • There is one group call per month. Members must be available for at least 8 of the 12 calls during the year to stay in the group. The call calendar will be determined based on the best time for everyone’s schedules, and will most likely be on Friday afternoons.
  • In addition to the monthly calls, we will have ongoing communication and connection via our messaging app, Telegram.
  • The membership fee for 12 months is $730.00, and $1,200 for 24 months. Memberships are renewable.
  • Membership fees are paid in full, up front, and just like a gym membership, are non-refundable.

12 Month Membership

Renable every 12 months
$ 730.00
Single Payment

  • Email updates
  • Telegram community
  • Resources
  • 12 Meetings

24 Month Membership

Renews every 24 months
$ 1200.00
Single Payment

  • Email updates
  • Telegram community
  • Resources
  • 24 Meetings

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