Empowering entrepreneurs and creativepreneurs to winsomely influence culture.

We're each uniquely positioned to advance the kingdom of heaven by pursuing our passion and purpose in the marketplace.

Christian entrepreneurs who are authentically making every effort to follow Jesus Christ need more than life groups, weekend messages, and Bible studies. They need prayer-backed strategy and tactics that enable them to work with people outside the church, and even those who oppose the church, Christianity, and Jesus Christ, in a winsome and attractive manner.

Modeled after the concept of the ekklesia of the ancient Greeks and of scripture, where Jesus proclaims in Matthew 16:18 his intention to build his ekklesia (tr. church) on the solid rock of his identity and purpose, the Occuprise Network assembles for the purpose of conducting business and for considering public affairs, cultural trends, interpreting current events, and responding to popular objections.

The ecclesia was (and is) the assembly of people coming together to discuss affairs of state.

We recognize 7 sectors or spheres of cultural influence (also described as the 7 mountains) in which we operate: religion, government, education, media, arts/entertainment, business, and family.

Conversation provides insights. Prayer engages heaven. Action gets it done.

Religion as sets of rules and principles exists throughout culture. We identify and respond to truth claims and world views to win the debate without apology.

Culture is the shared beliefs, practices, and goals of a company, community, or social group. Culture is built on words and images. We craft messaging for our platforms and channels.

Policy stems from culture. Governments can neither save us nor fix humanity’s problems. How do we participate in and respond to political discourse and systems?

Entrepreneurs and creativepreneurs are able to directly influence their culture without the constraints of employers’ messaging and policies. As self-employed business owners and consultants we’re each able to carry our own banner and build our brands and businesses according to our unique God-given passions and purposes. 

By serving our clients and customers we advance the kingdom of heaven on earth. 

Our focus is on messaging, and how to  responding to events, trends, personalities, challenges, politics, and even threats on a one-to-one basis.

Our conversations and studies deal with trends and topics in a way that institutional churches won’t or can’t respond to.

The things people can’t talk about in life groups and Bible studies are the very things we bring up for discussion, strategizing, and application in our businesses.

The Occuprise Network helps you to



We believe that the current move of God is in the marketplace of ideas and commerce.

The Lord has strategies and tactics for us if we’re willing to participate in the cultural mountains (the high places.)

Our mandate is to boldly, lovingly and tenaciously advance the kingdom of heaven through prayer, preparation, persuasion, and action in the marketplace.

Are you excited to discover your entrepreneurial purpose as a force for truth, and how God wants to use you personally and professionally to advance his kingdom on earth? 

Are you excited to build your brand and craft your message to attract people in your assigned sphere of influence? 

Do you want to be able to confidently respond to cultural trends and objections with wisdom, grace, and truth?

Are you looking forward to seeing how the Lord will move in people’s lives through your business? 

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