Alvalyn Lundgren, Creativepreneur & Educator

Founder of Occuprise Network

A Lineage of Faith

My family has a long history of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. My upline lineage through both my mom and dad includes ordained pastors and church founders.

I decided for Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior [Acts 16.31] on my own at the age of 6. I was in my first-grade classroom at a private Baptist school in west Los Angeles, and my teacher was sharing about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection during our daily Bible lesson. It made sense to me and I decided to believe.

My grandparents were founding members of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church. My parents met and married there. Sunday School, church choirs, missionary trips, confirmation (Presbyterian-style) and Bible study were regular activities as a child and young adult. My brother and I attended Baptist private elementary school, and I attended a Baptist high school.  I taught Sunday school and led adult small group Bible studies, completed apologetics courses at BIOLA. I currently participate in a charismatic congregation in my community. My daily routine begins with coffee, Bible study, and journaling.

Personal History & Practice

Diverse Experience

I draw from three arms of protestant Christian faith: Reform, Evangelical, and Charismatic.

From the Presbyterian (Reform theology) I learned how to study scripture and apply it practical ways. From the Baptist (evangelical) I learned how to share the gospel and kingdom principles. From the charismatic and prophetic I learned to operate in the power and authority Jesus gives us through the Holy Spirit.

Based on the five-fold ministry roles I am a teacher.

I believe that the Bible is the word of God [Hebrews 4.12], that God created the earth and everything in it [Genesis 1.1, John 1] and human beings in his image [Genesis 1.27, Genesis 5.1], that human beings rebelled against God [Genesis 3] and as a result suffer from a sinful nature they can’t get rid of on their own [Romans 3.23, Psalm 107.11]. I believe that God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ ,into the world to save us from the penalties of sin [John 3.16-17] and destroy the works of the devil [1 John 3.8] by taking it for us (dying) on the cross [Galatians 2.20], and being resurrected [John 11.25] by the Father three days later. When a human being sincerely believes in Jesus Christ in their heart and declares that he is Lord, that person is claimed by Christ and saved by him from the wrath to come. [Romans 10.9].

All human beings are imagers of God whether or not they acknowledge or believe in God. However, it’s only through acceptance of who Jesus Christ is and of his offer that we are “saved” and brought into the Lord’s “family”.

What I Believe

Professional Background

I’m a practicing designer and illustrator who also teaches design and design practice. I started in 1981 and established my current creative consultancy in 1994.

I’m a business owner. I’m the founder of a strategic design consultancy and an illustration studio. My role has been to help other businesses, organizations, and churches advance into their marketplaces, attract and convince their customers and clients in a winsome and engaging manner.

Jesus’ great commission is about nations. Lately, I’ve recognized breadth of the chasm between what’s going on in policy, and culture, and what institutional churches are doing. We are in a battle for our lives, the lives of our kids, and the soul of our nation. Why are we sitting back and waiting for Jesus to return? Why do we think that the kingdom of heaven is about attending weekend services, serving on committees, and holding prayer meetings?

The institutional church has a branding problem in terms of focus and action. Pastors and leaders aren’t equipping us to deal with the onslaught of opposition in the marketplace, policy, and culture, or the increasing activity of the enemy of our souls. Let’s reclaim the true authority of the ekklesia. Let’s come together with a common purpose and equip ourselves for the work we’re called to do.

Come join the Occuprise Network to identify and strategize practical responses and solutions in order to advance the kingdom of heaven, and to covertly influence and take back the territory we’ve given up. Our businesses, our families, our nation, and our inheritance are at stake.