Occupy Until…

The kingdom of heaven is concerned with your business.

Business is directly impacted by government through policies, laws, and mandates. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve encountered the requirements for registration and reporting that have been legislated by governments.

When Jesus declared that he would build his ekklesia on the foundation of being the messiah he established a governmental authority. The kingdom of heaven is his government on earth. The gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Jesus Christ is the head of this government. It he’s the head of his ekklesia, then we, his people who form his ekklesia, are the body.

The gates of hell won’t prevail against us… if we bring the authority of heaven to bear on earth. Our role as entrepreneurs is to do business until Jesus returns. We are to invest the talents, visions, resources he’s given us to prosper and grow our enterprises… to what end? I believe it’s to take care of and influence our customers and clients on behalf of the kingdom of heaven.


Are we in the end times? Is Jesus coming for us soon?

Many Christians look at what’s going on in our culture and believe we’re in the end-times, that Jesus is coming to take us all home soon and get us out of here. It’s time to leave this difficult, rotten world behind. So we separate from the world, retreat into our prayer circles, and pray for safety and protection. We don’t get involved in politics or policy, we don’t vote, we don’t search out information or push back against lies. And here we are.


I’m one of those Christians who believes we have a lot of work still to do. This is not a time to retreat and wait it out. This is a time to step up, push back against against the spirit of lawlessness and counter it with truth. The light will not be extinguished, but we have to shine. What did Jesus say? To let our lights shine — to let him shine through us. We can’t do that if we’re hiding and huddling in fear and/or indifference.

Jesus’ mandate is to occupy until he returns in essence. To occupy means to take possession, to control, to dwell, to full up, to engage thought and actions and focus in pursuit of something.

For use entrepreneurs and creativepreneurs, that means to keep on with our work. Keep on with investing in the kingdom. Keep on sharing the gospel, building influence, winning the right to introduce Jesus to the people we serve through our businesses.

So it’s not time to withdraw, allow our nation and communities to go to hell, and do nothing while we wait to be picked up.

It’s actually time to be more involved than ever in the 7 sectors of our culture: family, government, education, entertainment/arts, business, media, religion. Churches as institutions and programs have withdrawn their influence in culture, and so here we are. Churches as institutions, Bible studies, and home groups are overall ineffective against the advance of lies, manipulation, and deception that’ve taken over. We’re in grave danger of losing our earthly government and freedoms because we’ve abdicated our responsibility to be salt and light, permeating and influencing culture.

We must wake up, shake of “woke” ideas, and advance forcibly into culture. To say that God doesn’t care about government shows a lack of understanding.

We have the opportunity

We have the opportunity to impact all 7 sectors of culture for the kingdom of heaven. We can turn the tables. We can revive the church, reform our communities, and revolutionize our nation for good and for God.

As members of Jesus’ ekklesia we have his authority to influence individuals and to disciple nations. Holy Spirit is given by God to empower and guide us with effective methodologies and strategies in our businesses and all our relationships and activities.

Jesus commandment has two arms: personal (Mark) and national (Matthew). We have to stop focusing on only one.

Our governments — local, state, and federal — are all in need of our influence, so that everyone can live peaceable lives. It’s our role to cast down wrong thinking, expose deceptions and overt crimes. It’s our role to promote truth and justice in our spheres of influence.

Each of us is responsible

It’s time to start acting like we care, and to stop pursuing only material success in our businesses. It’s time to promote kingdom principles through our businesses so that we can be truly transformative in the lives of the customers and clients we serve.



Lord, I ask that you prosper my business so that I can serve my customers well. I ask for a new heart and mindset in how I conduct business. Open my eyes to see each client the way you see them. Through your Holy Spirit give me wisdom and right words so that I can make a difference in their circumstances. Give me the boldness of Elijah with the insight of John to act and speak truth.


Your kingdom come, your will be done in and through my business.